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Boise Mobile Car Wash Pros is a licensed car detailing company operating in Boise. Our services include interior detail, exterior detail, ceramic coating, paint protection, paint correction, and upholstery protection services.

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Car detailing is not only a profession for us but a passion as well. We take each project very seriously and complete it to the customer’s satisfaction. Our whole team is highly trained professionals with years of experience in the car detailing field. We detail cars of all brands and models. Whether you have an economical car or luxury car, we have given detailing services for all.

Best Car Detailing Company In Boise, Idaho

Boise Mobile Car Wash Pros is proud of providing the best car detail service in Boise Idaho. Our mobile service is prompt and highly effective. Just call us when you need our service, and we will come to your aid fully equipped. We transformed your dull and old looking car to new and shiny. We are a responsible car detailing company, making sure your vehicle is in safe hands.

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Mobile Interior Car Detailing In Boise Idaho

Boise Mobile Car Wash Pros comes to your location for Interior car detail services. We will clean and sanitize every inch of the surface on the inside of the car. We use modern vacuum steam cleaners to clean out all the dirt on the seats, floor, or hard surfaces. We clean the carpet, polish the window, disinfect and thoroughly clean the upholstery. Interior car detailing will leave your car clean and smelling good. You feel new energy when you take your car out for a drive.

Mobile Exterior Car Detailing In Boise Idaho

If you like to show off your vehicle, keeping the exterior always in its top form is a must. Car washes can clean the dirt off, but it can’t restore the original shine. Exterior detail service is a lengthy and professional process to bring back the original right out of the showroom look. Boise Mobile Car Wash Pros will send a mobile team that performs exterior detailing services at your preferred location. Tell us the time and place and well get to you with all the necessary equipment to perform exterior detailing services.

Mobile Car Full Package In Boise Idaho

Mobile car full package services involve interior and exterior service at your doorstep.

Our mobile team will come to your location and give a full-service car detail at an affordable price.

We are thorough with our detailing, not leaving a single surface uncleaned or unprotected, we will clean and sanitize the interior while making the outside shiny like new.

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Paint Correction In Boise Idaho

Your car paint may lose its shine with time. Water stains, bug acids, road debris, may damage the paint. Paint tends to get scratched, get swirls marks, and become dull. No amount of washing can bring back the mirror shine. Paint correction is part of a detailing process that removes contaminants trapped on the surface. And sanding with appropriate chemicals corrects the imperfection, polishing brings back the shine. A protective coating locks in the shine, and your car becomes ready to show off.

Paint Protection In Boise Idaho

Paint protection is a protective film that goes above your car. This transparent film may vary from 3 to 10 mm. The paint protection film is applied by car owners to keep the paint safe from road elements such as sand, grits, debris, bugs, UV rays. It also protects your car paint from scratches. The film is easy to apply and remove. Once the film is old, mostly after a year, you can simply peel it off and apply a new one in its place.

Optional Upgrades

Ceramic Protection In Boise Idaho

Ceramic protection is a protection solution made of silica and titanium dioxide. These two compounds are joined in such a way that they form a protective layer on top of the metal surface of the car. The ceramic coating gives the car a clear hydrophobic nano-ceramic shield. This shield can prevent scratches on the actual paint, UV damage, swirl marks, drag marks from improper cleaning, etc. Ceramic coating makes cleaning the car easier since dirt and muck don’t stick on the surface as easily.

Upholstery Protection In Boise Idaho

Your upholstery is something that determines the luxury of your car. You want to keep it clean. The issue is upholstery often gets stained or damaged from spilled drinks, fallen food bits, pet pee, etc. Upholstery usually wears off naturally after extensive usage. Upholstery protection is a spray that keeps the upholstery clean and stain-free, making it stay new longer. Upholstery protection has shown to keep the fabric or leather softer and easier to clean.

Headlight Restoration In Boise Idaho

If your headlights are hazy and dirty, broken, have insects and water inside, they will bring down the aesthetic beauty of your car. Our headlights restoration brings back the new and shiny look of your headlights. This makes the light shine brighter, and the light refracts far. We will sand then polish the lens to clear the haze.

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