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Paint correction as the name suggests a restorative process to remove any imperfection from the car surface. Cars tend to fade its shine over time.
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Water stain marks, sun swirls, scratches, and loss of luster are some of the things that happen to your car with time. It is not the fault of your driving or the car’s model. This happens to almost all the vehicles, and it’s completely natural. However, what you do with it is up to you. You may choose to leave it as it is, which will result in further deterioration, or you could remedy it. Driving with a dull looking car is not cool at all. It shows your uncaring nature, and not in a good way. People don’t take you seriously if you drive a raggedy car.

Paint restoration can transform the looks of average looking cars. There is nothing more exhilarating than driving a beautiful looking, shiny car.

Boise Mobile Car Wash Pros provides pain correction to remove the scratches and any other imperfection that decreases the aesthetic value of the car. We will massage various products on the car with professional techniques that smoothes out the imperfections. The products will level out and clear out in the car. Our paint correction method restores the car to its original shine and smoothness. It is much easier and affordable than repainting the car, which takes days and thousands of dollars.

It is important that you always hire a licensed professional for paint correction. An inexperienced detailer’s techniques can abrade the surface of the car. It can leave behind buffer trails that take away the beauty of the car instead of enhancing it. There is no need to pay for services that will ultimately destroy your car.

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The Steps Involved In Paint Correction

The car is washed to remove soil, dirt, and debris. Although simple washing may not remove all of the dirt, a clay treatment can draw out the dirt from minuscule crevices on the painted surface. This step is important for the next step. Automobile sandpaper is used to remove scratches and other imperfections from the car surface. The surface is again clean to remove the abrasions. Then several steps of polishing is performed until an ideal result is achieved. The right technique will make your car look brand new. To end it off, the car’s surface is polished with a protective layer like ceramic coating.

At Boise Mobile Car Wash Pros, we make sure our customers benefit from our services. You will visually see the difference between the initial state of your car and the state after service has been done to it. It will shine under the sunlight, reflect it like never before. The minor scratches, sun swirls, stains will vanish from the car. With the correct technique, we can bring the original form of the car, just like the way it would be if it came out of the showroom.

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