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Paint Protection is the application of a thin film on top of the car surface to protect the paint.
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It works somewhat like ceramic coating, but instead of spraying or polishing it on, the paint protection film is stuck on the car with a transparent adhesive. Paint protection film preserves the shine of the vehicle. The invisible film can work for an entire year before you can replace it with another one. The film is usually applied to vulnerable areas where damages are more common—places such as the bumpers, hood, door handles, rock panels and door edges.
When you drive your car, stones, sand particles, gravel can hit the car and scratch the surface. The film provides a protective layer and prevents scratching on the actual paint. It’s like the protective film on your phone screen. Water, bad washing techniques, bug acids, fallen tree sap are a few of the things that can stain the paint, but with the protective film, your car paint is always protected.

Our cars are something very near and dear to us. We want to keep them in their best shape. Paint Protection Film is the best way to ensure your car stays away from minor damages that decrease its beauty. An exposed car surface is vulnerable to minor deformities that will take away the aesthetic beauty of the vehicle. With paint protection film you can preserve its beauty for a long time. Once the protective film is old, simply replace it. Replacing the film is much more economical than going through an expensive repainting or paint correction process.

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How Is The Paint Protective Film Applied?

Unprofessional or DIY application of the protection film is not useful. It’s a team effort and should be done with extreme care. As a company with years of experience, we know how to perform this service without any mistake. We will not let any product go to waste. We have done it enough time to know how to do this effectively.

  • The first step is to ash the car and get rid of any dirt on the surface.
  • Wax and polish the car.
  • Spray on the protectant. It’s a solution that helps to stick the film to the car. Spray the solution on the adhesive side of the film then place the film of the surface where you need to apply it. With an applicator smooth over the film and drag out any air pockets.
  • Cut out the access part, slide the leftover to the underside for a seamless application.

Boise Mobile Car Wash Pros makes sure you get the best paint protection application in the town. With paint protection, you will have less headache about the maintenance of the car. You will be able to prevent fading of the color. We use high-quality paint protection film that can be easily removed without leaving a residue. Call us today to get the best paint protection application.

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