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Ceramic coating is one of the essentials of car detailing. It is used after removing any minor scratches, keeping the interior and exterior metal surface shiny and new.
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Boise Mobile Car Wash Pros provides a quality ceramic coating to protect your car from future damages. It locks in the shine we have provided after a good detailing service.

Ceramic Coating compromises of silica and titanium dioxide, which creates a water-proof surface on the car’s body. The elements in the molecules of the ceramic coating solution form 3D structures. These molecular bonds are super strong. They lay as a glossy layer on top of the car’s metal surface. It merely has a thickness of a few micrometers, which is one-sixth of a meter.

The coating also creates a barrier between the weather elements such as moisture, sunlight, road debris from damaging the car’s metal. Ceramic coated cars are much more efficient in keeping stains and dirt away. Ceramic coating also protects the car from UV light, which is the main culprit behind the loss of luster. UV rays naturally bleach out color. The ceramic coating is like sunscreen. It prevents the paint from getting damaged from the sun.

In old times wax was used for cars. Ceramic coating is a great substitute against wax coating your car. Although wax does provide a water-proof surface, it does nothing to keep the shine intact. With automobile ceramic coating, you can extend the longevity of the car surface.

If you coat your car with ceramic coating, you can simply wash your every few weeks and make it brand new. The hydrophobic quality of the coating prevents the car surface from rust or any other kind of weather damage. Ceramic coating brings up the natural color of the car and enhances its elegance. With Boise Mobile Car Wash Pros’s ceramic coating, you will be more than happy to take your car out for a drive.

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Professional Mechanic
Boise Mobile Car Wash Pros has one of the best-trained technicians to perform ceramic coating for your car. We ensure your car gets the most advanced ceramic coating techniques that increase the car’s life by at least ten years. We provide the finest ceramic coating for all the surfaces of the car. Bring your car to our service center or call our mobile team.

We can come to your location at your preferred time and give you the service. With Boise Mobile Car Wash Pros, you don’t have to wait for days to get your car back from the service center. You get your car on the same date, shiny and well protected by the best ceramic coating. We respond quickly.

We believe in 100% customer satisfaction and work towards keeping all our clients happy. Our cutting edge technology and professional workers keep us at the top of the car detailing industry in Idaho.

As for pricing, we are open to negotiation. We have competitively priced services. If you need to discuss the prices or know more about the ceramic coating, call the number given.

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