Eagle Mobile Car Washing And Detailing Service

Boise Mobile Car Wash Pros takes care of your car in Eagle. We perform a thorough cleaning, sanitization, and polishing of your car interior and exterior.
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We know how nice it feels to drive a clean and beautiful looking car. That’s why we perform hand detailing each component of your car to perfection. Our mobile team gives you detailing service at your preferred location, home, or workplace by skilled workers who know what they are doing. Our mobile team can go anywhere in Eagle to give car detailing services. We are proud of our experienced team, who are polite to the customers and listen to their requests. We are prompt in responding and finish our work within schedule.

Services We Provide

Mobile Interior Car Detailing In Eagle

Car detailing can keep your car looking newer for a long time. It also decreases the chances of excessive wear and tear and removes allergens improving your health. Cleaning the inside windows, windshield, and mirrors increase the driver’s safety by increasing visibility. Your car has various surface materials, such as fabric, leather, plastic, etc. Boise Mobile Car Wash Pros can clean all these surfaces without damaging the car in any way. Our mobile team gets to your location without you having to drive to the service center.
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Mobile Exterior Car Detailing In Eagle

There is nothing better than the feeling of driving a brand new car. The sad thing is, your car won’t always keep the same newness it had when driving the car from the showroom to your home. Your car exterior gets subjected to sand, stone, tree sap, drag from wiping the sand off. Your car exterior becomes dull, windshield becomes foggy, the wheels lose their shine, and the car looks worn out. Boise Mobile Car Wash Pros’s mobile car detailing service will come to your location, home, office, or some other place and restore the original shine of your car. We will clean, polish, and protect your car exterior.

Mobile Car Full Package In Eagle

Our mobile team full package will come to your preferred location just with one call. Tell us the time and place we will come fully equipped to give high-quality interior and exterior detailing service for all makes and models of car. Our full car detailing package provides affordable complete detailing of your car and restores the showroom look. No matter how old or how dirty your car is, our thorough detailing service will make your car new and shiny.

Paint Correction In Eagle

Paint Correction is a process where specialized machines slowly remove the microscopic layers of clearcoat from the painted surface of the car and give it a smooth mirror-like finish. The leading cause of your car paint damage is the sand and grits trapped in the crevices of the clear coat on your car. When you try to clean your car, these microscopic grits leave drag marks, minor scratches, and swirls that dull the shine of the car and make it look old. Paint correction restores paint without having to go through an expensive repainting process. Boise Mobile Car Wash Pros provides the paint correction in Eagle.
Professional Mechanic

Paint Protection In Eagle

Paint Protection Film is a thin film that is applied over the car surface with a transparent adhesive. The process is done by professionals to avoid bubbles under the plastic film. A professional application will give your paint protection like nothing else. The paint protection film is highly effective in preventing road elements from damaging the paint. The film takes all the effects and prevents the car from paint underneath.

Optional Upgrades

Ceramic Coating In Eagle

The ceramic coating, which is also known as nano-ceramic coating, acts as an additional layer to protect the car paint. It is a thin coating made from silica and titanium dioxide covalent bonds on the surface of the car. This thin coating is hydrophobic, meaning it repels water. It prevents your car from water damage, UV rays damage, temperature variations, scratches, and dirt accumulation. Boise Mobile Car Wash Pros can apply Ceramic coating as an add on or optional service at an affordable price.

Upholstery Protection In Eagle

Boise Mobile Car Wash Pros provides Upholstery protection by treating your car upholstery with a hydrophobic spray. This spray protects your car seats from dropped food stains, coffee, or cold drink stains, water damage. Cleaning your car seats will be much easier with our Upholstery Protection.

Headlight restoration in Eagle

Headlights are essential parts to keep the vehicle safe. These strong beams not only let you see the lane, but they also allow you to view other motorists. Headlights are made of a special type of hard plastic that gets damaged from UV rays, sand grits, posts, etc. Restoration of headlights involves sanding the plastic with fine sandpapers, removing any imperfection than polishing the plastic to make the surface clear. Call us today to get your car detailed in Eagle.

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