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Boise Mobile Car Wash Pros goes the extra mile to restore the original shine of your car. We operate in Meridian. 
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Our responsive mobile team can provide interior and exterior car detailing at any location all across Meridian. We take our job seriously and are one of the most reputed companies in Meridian for car detailing. We regularly spend times with other mobile detail companies such as Wash UR Wheels to hone our craft!

We take care of every inch of your car. We will clean all the windows, windshield, back glass inside and out. We will restore the original shine of the paint. We can vacuum and steam clean the inside. We clean all kinds of upholstery leather or fabric. We perform stain removal, odor removal, and dirt, hair, soil, food particles removal from the inside. We promise you a deep cleaning service that will restore the look of your car and make driving the car a better experience. We offer a wide range of services such as mobile interior and exterior detailing, ceramic coating, paint correction, paint protection, upholstery protection, and headlight restoration.

Mobile Interior Car Detailing In Meridian

Our mobile team comes to your house or workplace and provides interior car detailing while you relax at home or work. Our no-hassle detailing service is done with expert hands quickly and effectively. We clean all the interior surfaces such as the dashboard, the console, the floor, Upholstery, and place between the seats, windows, carpets, and mats. Our thorough cleaning and sanitization is the best in the industry.

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Mobile Exterior Car Detailing In Meridian

Just like interior car detailing, our mobile exterior car detailing comes to your place of preference and can restore your car to its original luster. This summer, get your car detailed by a highly experienced and skilled car detailing company. We have detailed all kinds of cars and made them look brand new. Give your car an affordable makeover. Exterior detailing will polish the car paint, protect it from future damage, it also clean the windows, tyres, wheels and other exterior elements.

Mobile Car Full Package In Meridian

A mobile car full package is much more reasonable than separate services. Our mobile team has all the necessary equipment to perform full detailing service for exterior and interior. We will drive to your location and detail your car to perfection. Your car will be transformed into something new and shiny when you finally come out to see your car. We work to satisfy our customers with our detailing service.

Paint Correction In Meridian

Do you want to see the painted surface of your car smooth and mirror-like? Your car paint loses its shine due to contaminants, road elements, tree sap, bug acids, wrong car washing techniques, etc. Paint correction slowly removes the top clear coat on the paint, restores the paint’s original form. Paint correction is finished with coating the car paint with protective polishing, so the shine stays in. With Boise Mobile Car Wash Pros’s paint correction, you can get a smooth mirror-like finish for your car.
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Paint Protection In Meridian

If you’re worried about how your car looks day-to-day, you should definitely invest in a paint protection film. Paint protection film provides an invisible shield to your car paint from getting scratched, damaged, or stained. It prevents UV damage, dulling of the paint, and swirl marks on your car. Our workers give a team effort to perfectly apply the paint protection film on the car, so it looks perfect and protects your car paint.

Optional Upgrades

Ceramic Coating In Meridian

Do you want to lock-in the beauty of your car? Ceramic coating is an amazing thing. It provides a protective layer that gives out a shine as well as performs as prevents minor damages. Scratches and swirl marks on the paint is pretty common, but with ceramic coating, you can avoid such damages. Ceramic coating makes cleaning your car a hassle-free experience due to its hydrophobic nature.

Upholstery Protectorate In Meridian

Many cars have fabric upholstery for their car due to it’s softer, warmer, and more comfortable feel. However, fabric upholstery stains get wet and is a headache to clean. Boise Mobile Car Wash Pros’s upholstery protection sprays on a hydrophobic protective layer on your car seats to prevent upholstery damages. It also prevents your car interior from smelling bad.

Headlight Restoration In Meridian

Boise Mobile Car Wash Pros provides headlight restoration services to complete the look of your car. Without clear headlights, your car neither looks good, nor does it illuminate the road at night the better way. We will do safe sanding and polishing of your headlights to restore it to its original form.

Do you need the best car detailing services in Meridian? Call Boise Mobile Car Wash Pros today. We are more than eager to help you with all your car cleaning and detailing needs.

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