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Do you need a high-quality car detailing service at your location? Boise Mobile Car Wash Pros provides exterior and Interior Car detailing for the people of Idaho at an affordable price.
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We are experts at cleaning and polishing every inch of your car to its original shine. The skilled hands of Boise Mobile Car Wash Pros, come to your location fully equipped to take care of cars. Many car owners don’t want to drive to the service centers or wait for hours while their car gets washed. With us you don’t have to. We can come to your office and clean your car while you work, or come to your home during the weekend and detail your car while you relax at home.

The Full Package entails our interior and exterior at a lower price then doing the two services separately. We highly recommend you get the full package instead of only one of the services. A well-detailed car will look good, put a good impression of you on your friends, colleagues, and acquaintances. It will turn some heads, make people notice you. If you love your car and have spent a lot of your savings to buy that dream car, it is in your best interest to keep it clean and shiny.

Invest in a company that is licensed and gets you professional detailing services. Boise Mobile Car Wash Pros is one such company. We are dedicated to our customers. We arrive on time, do the work within schedule and leave your car sparkly clean. Our customers love our work and come to every time they need their car detailed.

Complete detailing improves the look of your vehicle, which in turn increases the resale value if you ever decide to sell it. The restoration stays intact for more than a year. Detailing is a hassle-free work, unlike painting your whole car that may need days and cost a lot of dollars, detailing is much easier. A full package detailing merely takes a couple of hours, and it is as good as a new paint job.

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Here Is What Included In The Mobile Car Full Package

Exterior Car Detailing

In this process, we will wash the exterior. Remove all the soil with clay patting. Polish and buff every inch of the metal surface. We will clean the glass to perfection. We restore the look of the tires, wheel, door handles, to factory condition.

Interior Car Detailing

We will clean every surface of the insides of the car. And not just simple soap and water cleaning but sanitization as well. The seats, dashboard, console, inside glass, floor mat, everything will be cleaned.

Why Choose us?

  • We provide a mobile service at your preferred location.
  • We are a licensed company operating in Idaho that provides the best car detailing.
  • We are reasonably priced.
  • You get a warranty with our services.
  • Quick and effective services.
  • We understand that your car is incredibly important, and we treat it with utmost respect and care.

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