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Do you want your car spotless clean this summer? Boise Mobile Car Wash Pros does excellent detailing of your vehicle at your location by qualified professionals.
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Washing your car once in a while is great, but car detailing goes beyond washing and not only visibly cleans your but sanitises it as well. A well-detailed car looks as new as it did right out of the showroom.


Boise Mobile Car Wash Pros provides mobile interior car detail services that leaves your car looking and smelling clean. Our team comes to our services at your home or workplace to clean the interior of your car thoroughly.

Our car is one of the places we spend a lot of time in. Interior is something not many of us take good care of. You might have spilled soda on the floor from a month ago and not realise it. Hair, plastic, crumbs, spilled food, pet hair are some of the things that may dirty your car. You might think simply removing the dirty item is enough, but in the close enclosure of your car, the fabric soaks up odors. You might not realise it, but when someone new gets inside, they can immediately recognise a foul smell. There could be stains on the seat or floor that simple cleaning with a cloth won’t remove. If you travel with your pet, pet hair can get stuck between the seat crevices and cause allergy to unsuspecting passengers. The air exhaust may also spread allergens if not cleaned in a long time.

The inside handles, the console, the dashboard may get dirty with long usage, from your palm. You might notice black spots and worn marks on the interior parts that are difficult to get rid of at home. The car’s interior consists of various types of material such as plastic, fabric, leather, metal and each type needs its own cleaning method. Soap and water is good for regular cleaning, but deep cleaning requires more.

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Here Are Some Of The Things We Do While Interior Car Detailing

  • The first step involves removing any visible dirt. Like plastic wrappers, water bottles etc. We use the vacuum to suck out any dust from hard to reach places, like under the seat, between the cushions, and rear cargo. The floor mats are separated to be cleaned separately.
  • We clean the seats with steam cleaning. Any stain is scrubbed clean.
  • We will remove the seats and get and inside, clean the floor, metal surfaces from inside. We will use glass cleaner to clean the glass to sparkly transparency. The windshield is cleaned, making sure not to leave behind even a speck.
  • Leather is cleaned with a special soap solution that doesn’t damage the leather but cleans it effectively.
  • Components such as dashboard, handles, consoles are wiped and clean to perfection. If you wish, we can use car deodorant to finish off. We understand some people are sensitive to smell. We do this step only if you prefer.

After our thorough cleaning service, your car will look brand new. It will smell fresh and ready to be back on the road. Call us today to get a free estimate.

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