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We are a proud car detailing company operating in Nampa. We are devoted to providing the best mobile car detailing all across Nampa.
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Boise Mobile Car Wash Pros is a licensed and insured company, giving a whole range of detailing and restorative car service. We have been servicing the people of Nampa for many years, and are loved by our customers for quality service.

Our Services

Mobile Interior Car Detailing In Nampa

Your car is a place you spend a lot of time in. Having a clean interior shows how organized you are in your typical day to day life. If your car reeks of rotting food that dropped under the seat two days ago, it puts a wrong impression on anyone who rides your vehicle. The unclean interior can also cause allergies from pet fur, dirty AC vents that can give out allergens inside the car. Our mobile interior team will drive to your place and provide a thorough interior detailing. We clean and sanitize the upholstery, the carpets, the plastic surfaces, AC vents, under seats, floor mats, etc.

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Mobile Exterior Car Detailing In Nampa

Boise Mobile Car Wash Pros’s mobile team has specialized methods to take care of the exterior of your car. We will move only the dust and dirt accumulated over the years on the surface of the car, but we also clean the not too apparent places. We removed the road dirt, tree sap, bug acid marks, water splat marks, etc. We use clay to remove all the dirt carefully. We use microfiber clean and dry your car, buff in polishing solution. We take care of the tires, wheels, hood, bumpers, doors, mirrors, and auto glass.

Mobile Car Full Package In Nampa

Mobile Car full package is cheaper than getting interior and exterior detailing services separately. If you are planning to clean your car this season, go for the complete package. Our mobile team will come to your workplace or your home, detail your car interior and exterior with utmost care. We will remove any imperfections on the paint on the outside. We will bring back the ultimate shine of your car like new. We vacuum, steam, remove stains, clean the mats and carpets, clean the interior glass. A clean interior gives you a feeling of freshness.

Paint Correction In Nampa

Paint correction means removing the minor scratches, swirl marks, drag marks from the car paint. Rigorous and bad car washing technique can leave swirl marks on your car. UV lights can dull the color of your car. And Previous unprofessional car detailing can leave your car with a bad paint surface. Paint correction is a series of steps that smoothes out the top layer of the paint, removes minor scratches, swirls, and drag marks. Paint correction involves cleaning then polishing the car exterior metal, so it reflects light like a mirror.
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Paint Protection In Nampa

Paint protection is a method of protecting the car paint. Your car paint is the thing that enhances the look of your car. A damaged paint surface will bring down the car value and makes your car look bad. Without paint protection, your car paint might get badly damaged, and restoring it will need a costly repainting job, almost like buying a new car. It is a smart choice to apply the paint protection film to prevent any damages to the actual paint.

Optional Upgrades

Ceramic Coating In Nampa

Ceramic coating is often applied after a paint correction or exterior detailing. Ceramic coating is like a protective and hydrophobic layer of the car surface. It makes sure dirt, road debris, tree sap, bud acids don’t stain or damage the car paint. When you have a ceramic coated car, detailing your car the next time gives you a better result. And due to ceramic coating hydrophobic nature, wet wiping your car can clean it without having to use soap.

Upholstery Protection In Nampa

Do your expensive leather or fabric on your car upholstery? It only makes sense that you protect the upholstery from stains and getting dirty. Boise Mobile Car Wash Pros has provided car upholstery protection services for luxury cars such as Mercedes, Roll-Royce, BMW, Tesla, and many more. Boise Mobile Car Wash Pros has the methods and substances of making sure your upholstery stays clean after an interior detailing job. This add on is not very expensive when you get it with other services, such as interior detailing. With Upholstery protection, you can keep your car upholstery cleaner.

Headlight Restoration In Nampa

Headlights are an important part of your car exterior. They tend to wear down with time. Changing temperature, frosting during cold, road grits are some of the things that damage the headlights after a few years of usage. With Boise Mobile Car Wash Pros, you don’t have to worry about replacing the headlight lens. Our headlight restoration service cleans the headlights and polishes to make it clear, just like it was originally.

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