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We are a licensed company that offers interior and exterior detailing. Here are some of the optional services you can get at an affordable price at Boise Mobile Car Wash Pros.

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Upholstery Protection

We all know how difficult it is to remove stains and dirt from your car. We all have, at some point, drank coffee, cold drink or some other type of drink inside our cars. Anything spilled on the beautiful upholstery of the car ruins the look or it. Removal of the stain is a long and expensive process.

Upholstery Protection is sprayed on the upholstery of your vehicle that acts as a thin barrier and prevents staining. If you tend to travel a lot, have kids or pets, upholstery protection is worth your money. You can spray your seats, floor mats, carpet, and truck.

It is much economical to get it while detailing your car then buying a whole can of it and wasting your money. It’s only little you need to protect the upholstery of your car. We will use only the best product for your car.

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Headlight Restoration

Your headlights can become hazy with time. Sand, grits and small rocks can abrade the surface of the glass and make it dull. Such cloudy headlights are neither safe, nor are they pleasant to look at. We can remove the haziness by providing quality polishing with a series of detailing methods. Restoring the headlights will remove the foggy, environmental damage from the glass of the headlights. We will take care of the front and back headlights. The lens will become transparent once again. They will be great with the complete detailing service and enhance the look of your car. Headlight Restoration separately can cost thousands of dollars but as an add on service with detailing you can get it at a much lower rate.

Ceramic Coating

You are done with detailing your car, it is shiny and beautiful and you go take it home, and a month later your car is back to square one. As the ceramic coating is applied to the body of a car, the compound creates a chemical bond with factory color. When powdered, it can be cleaned only by abrasion and not through any chemicals. The beautiful shine needs to be restored with a protective coating. Ceramic coating locks the shine in. It acts as a protective coating, preventing damages from UV rays, dirt, rain, road debris etc. You can add ceramic coating with detailing jobs and increase the longevity of the detailed work. The ceramic coating costs only a few hundred dollars, but it can save you thousands of dollars and hours of cleaning work.

If you have a brand new car that needs protection or an old car needs restoration, we can help you with it. We preserve the original appearance and shine of your car. Boise Mobile Car Wash Pros has the most exceptional degree of automotive detailing experience and uses the best quality items. For quality service, call us today.

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